Institute for Sustainable Innovation

The Institute for Sustainable Innovation, established in 2016, works with clients to promote the resilience and sustainability of communities, organizations, and enterprises through innovative research, consulting, and training services which facilitate setting and achieving social and economic development goals through innovative, socially meaningful, and environmentally sound action.

Innovative actions of this kind have become a priority for many countries around the world.

The essence of such innovation is ensuring desired outcomes are achieved in ways that make sound use of social and natural resources to serve economic development while enhancing the environmental and other interests of current and future generations.

Institute for Sustainable Innovation practitioners:
  • Accumulate, adapt, and apply the best international practices for addressing economic and environmental issues
  • Develop, justify, and help companies and organizations implement the most cost-effective risk management solutions applicable to climate change, public health, and environmental quality
  • Organize, in collaboration with local partners, discussions, roundtable talks, expert meetings, and conferences which promote sustainable development of inclusive economies based on green growth, effective use of natural capital, and minimization of environmental risks. Participants in such events have evolved innovative solutions which adapt to and capitalize on foreseeable trends to realize stronger sustainable growth
  • Transform clients' experience, professional knowledge, and intellectual potential into real economic and environmental benefits by collaboratively developing management solutions that ensure a future of accomplishment and stable operation
As Institute for Sustainable Innovation practitioners help clients achieve resiliency and sustainable results, they develop solutions to such global challenges as natural resource access, energy and biodiversity conservation, and community protection.