Our Vision

The Institute for Sustainable Innovation envisions sustainable and resilient human systems, which thrive in the face of global change.

Our Mission

The Institute for Sustainable Innovation promotes enhanced sustainability and resilience of communities, companies, and enterprises around the world through: 

Let us work with you to address your sustainability and resilience challenges.

Our History

The Institute for Sustainable Innovation is part of the group of companies “Resources and Consulting” (RIC) begun in 1992 and established to expand RIC work in North and South America. 

For more than 25 years, RIC has gained invaluable experience developing and implementing projects in the fields of sustainable development; green inclusive growth; sustainable infrastructure for cities, settlements, rural areas, and ecotourism. Employing its unique databases and its own innovative processes, RIC has helped businesses and communities increase their sustainability and competitiveness in a rapidly changing world. 

Building on this rich tradition of success, the Institute for Sustainable Innovation helps business owners, investors, and government officials accomplish sustainable and innovative productivity in the regions in which they operate. By creating stable business models, increasing investment attractiveness and environmental image, and enabling goal achievement, the Institution contributes to the resilience of your enterprise as it helps develop solutions to such broad global challenges as access to natural resources and energy, conservation of biodiversity, and protection of communities. 

Our Partners