The Institute combines its unique knowledge of environmental economics, environmental management, risk management, sustainable development, environmental planning, and natural capital assessment with the latest vocational training technologies to help clients focus on addressing the challenges of environmentally sound economic development that benefits humanity.
Developed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor G.A. Fomenko, Associate Professor М.А. Fomenko
The course presents a new perspective on the planning and use of urban space. Students will learn about the planning of free territories based on the approaches to the intellectual product "City for Women and Children", developed and implemented by the authors of the course. The process and tools for greening industrial areas will be shown in the context of transition to a green economy and sustainable urban development.
Developed by: Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor G.A. Fomenko, E.A. Arabova
The course focuses on various methods of monetary valuation of natural resources and ecosystem services, thus enabling the most important tools of environmental management. The fundamentals of valuation methodologies are augmented by deeper coverage of the importance of taking into account the behavioral preferences at the micro level as indicators of behavioral and cultural aspects of environmental and resource management.
Developed by: Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor G.A. Fomenko and Assistant Professor Marina Fomenko
The course focuses on the involvement of humans in environmental management and considers the theoretical foundations, methodological frameworks, and practical mechanisms for introducing socio-cultural factors to environmental management. Upon completion of the three consecutive modules, students will learn the theoretical and methodological foundations of using socio-cultural approaches in environmental management and acquire relevant practical skills.